“Francis Bacon Project” is based on David Sylvester’s book, “Fragments of a portrait”, where he interviewed and discussed with Francis Bacon his artistic work, philosophy and personal life. This project, is the result of a long research upon the artist’s work where strong images are created on stage with the performers being transformed, becoming one with the materials.

The focus is mostly on the creation, rather than the result, and the outcome is always something new and intriguing both for the people on stage, as for the audience as well.

Using Francis Bacons positions as lynchpin, the performance Francis Bacon Project, attempts to transport us into the painters workshop and to approach, through theatrical visual arts, the artistic and philosophical work of this great artist.

With the collaboration of artists from different disciplines, the special atmosphere of the workshop is created, and the viewer is invited to become a fellow traveller in the pursuit of aesthetic inquiry and a witness to the creative process. Its predominant element being construction and deconstruction, an element that characterizes Bacons work, the performance walks the tightrope between iconography and text, combining the flow and the rhythm of a narrative aesthetics in which image, speech and music work together and are equated through the same denominator, coexisting with the the artists philosophical approach to Art and life.

The show is the result of collective research on Francis Bacons work, his life and his positions.